Big Picture and College

Big Picture prepares its students to succeed in college.

By developing challenging individual learning plans, organizing student visits to colleges, educating families about the college application and financial aid processes, and building relationships with local colleges, Big Picture cultivates students’ readiness for the challenges of post-secondary education.

SBHS Guidance Counselor Tim Wile describes Big Picture’s path to college readiness:


Professor Alan Tinkler of UVM discusses his experience with Big Picture students:

“When reflecting on the Big Picture students I have worked with at the University of Vermont, I am struck by their self-awareness, an awareness that allows them to effectively navigate the university setting. Big Picture students understand how to learn, and they engage in deep learning. They are also strong advocates and readily reflect on their individual pathways, allowing them to enjoy meaningful trajectories at the university. Because of the skills and dispositions they learned and developed while at Big Picture, the Big Picture students are some of the most engaged students with whom I have worked.”

-Alan Tinkler, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Education, University of Vermont

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