At Big Picture South Burlington we us Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements to determine if students are ready to graduate based on their ability to demonstrate what they know, what they understand, and what they are able to do.


At Big Picture, Proficiency-Based Learning (PBL) sets the standards high and provides a variety of pathways for students to meet their graduation requirements. Consider the process of learning to cook: there are many different ways to learn how to make a good meal: working with a master chef, reading cookbooks, experimenting with food in your own kitchen, or having an internship in a restaurant.  All those paths can lead to a delicious dinner, but it’s up to the learner to choose the one that works best for him or her.  Setting proficiencies for graduation is like setting the standard for a good meal; students can learn in a variety of ways but need to show they have the skills to get credit.

PBL graphic