Year at a Glance

September-October: ORIENTATION TERM

Students are introduced to the community, review the program requirements, and go through an abbreviated independent project process. Orientation term includes a trip to a ropes course to push students out of their comfort zones, and a overnight camping trip, which is integral to building a lasting, meaningful relationship with both students and mentors in the Big Picture program.

October-January: FALL TERM

Students pursue internships, complete comprehensive independent projects, and demonstrate proficiency through learning plans, power assessments, and exhibitions.

January-April: SPRING TERM

Follows the same structure as Fall Term.


The Big Picture advisors coordinate a month-long term that is centered around a service topic of the students’ choosing. The term will consist of in the field research, collaboration with outside experts, and implementing a group service project. 

June: YES (Year End Studies) TERM

Big Picture advisors dedicate the final week of the school year to reflecting on and celebrating our learning. Graduating seniors give speeches, continuing students update their portfolios, and all staff and students engage in community activities.